Tattoed Badass


Pic is a stranger to all. He foudn his way to Russia on the trail of a splugorth slave barge. When he finally won out against his adversary he collapsed only to awake in the small lodge of a local chapter of fighters who admired the stories of his heroic fight against a demon.
Pic Accepted his fate to join the Slayers and soon became ranked amongst the elders of the Order.

His last excursion was to take out an up and coming Slayer named Sergei. Together they tracked down a NightFeeder and his crew who jumped though a rifts that opened in front of them. Not wanting to lose them PIC urged Sergei To follow through in pursuit of the prey.

Once again Fate has changed the course of Pics life. He now finds himself traversing the blasted and blistered terrain of the Wests deserts. Once he starts he will not rest till his prey is caught.



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