Welcome Players.

This is your RIFTS campaign forum. Here i will try and keep up to date on information that might prove useful, or not, during the course of the game. Of Course feel free to add if i forget to put information on here.

As for the campaign. I am going for a mega-verse spanning idea. Something to get you all introduced to the many wonders that the Palladium verse holds. I will start with Rifts world and get you all comfortable before i start throwing you around. (Let me know if you dislike this idea, and want me to keep the game in RIFTS)

Things to Note
Under Wiki i have an IBGA (In Between Game Action) page. USE IT
The Adventure Log Page will be used to drop hints and leads. and can be responded to just as if it was in game. I will respond as i can.

From Rifts With Love

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