From Rifts With Love

With friends like these

Radio static is heard, the crackle of the system warming up and the voice fading in and out until its clear as day.Wyatt!
“Kato. . . Kato you there. Anyone. . Look I’m sure you all are busy gearing up or some adventurer stuff. "

radio crackles and static blocks some of the signal
“i know hoss they can handle it but a head up is still neighborly.”

Wyatt loud and clear
“Ok hears the deal, and don’t ask cause i don’t know much more then this. It would seem that you pissed someone off rather well during one of your trips. One of my friends form Thorn just sent word that this big nasty M&M came busting into town and drug a few folks off. One of em made it back and said all he kep askin about was were he could find you guys.”

to someone in the room with him
“yeah i know your kind are a bunch of tough s.o.b.’s but they got this.”
“look guys i’m sure you got this, but you understand i can’t get involved”

“Wyatt out” The radio goes silent.



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