(I’ll put her actual stats and skills in here later, I’m getting ready to take Josh to his interview at Martini’s)


Axis isn’t incredibly tall, maybe 5ft 5inches at best. When she isn’t utilizing her armor, the first thing you’ll notice is probably her hair. It reaches down to almost the small of her back, fashioned into dreadlocks. The primary color appears to be a very pale blonde, but various colors of dye have been applied to random strands to add vibrant accents. She usually always wears a bandana, and even her bangs have been given a streak of bright blue. Her features aren’t exotic, but definitely enough to let her be considered rather attractive even if she happens to be covered in engine grease that day. If she’s working on repairs, or just tinkering in the workshop, her usual attire consists of a jump suit (even though I prefer “speed suit” =P ) with some sort of shirt underneath, and her trusty welding goggles on top of her head (she’ll wear those around just for the fun of it alot of times actually). At other times, when they walk into a city, her attire can become a little more eccentric, often combining strange layers of clothing with one another (some are almost ripped to shreds and layered on top of something bright and colorful underneath, sometimes loose, sometimes form-fitting) and her shirts sometimes feature random phrases or pictures. Her boots and aviator jacket are usually part of this “street attire”.
She really isn’t the most socially forward of people, and doesn’t like to talk about frivolous things. However, offer her a good brew at the end of a long day, and she’ll stay and chat for a while. When it comes to individuals that she has more than a hand full of things in common with, she’ll warm up fairly quickly, and is even willing to share more personal information (although she’d probably rather sit down with you and oogle at a catalog of machine parts as if it were a porno mag).
On her left upper arm is a tattoo that looks like this: Ø ,but Kato would have been the only one to have seen it so far. Her eyes are a pale shade of green, and her ears are pierced multiple times. She always wears the necklace given to her by her mother, though is unaware that it bears anything more than a sentimental significance.

What the party (except Geek) knows about her history so far:
· She met Kato several months before running into everyone else.
· She came from Canada
· She was in an incident involving 3 ranking tundra rangers, a guy named Ziro, and a pack of Windegos (damn those Winnebagos =P). Things didn’t turn out so well, but after surviving the skirmish, she wasted little time to start tracking down the beast that took off with Ziro. This started her journey southward. (God only knows, the tundra rangers are probably under the assumption now that she and Ziro had something to do with the disappearance of those other 3… I really hope there isn’t a Wanted poster with her face on it someplace O_O )


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