More to come….

If it were’nt for his black market M.O.M. implants Lucky would be a fairly unremarkable, ordinary looking guy. Standing at about 5’9", Lucky has brown eyes and brown hair (currently shaved bald untill it grows back after a freak plasma ejector accident….) Lucky was your typical lounge rat before undergoing his “alteration”. With his charm and good looks, he always prefered to divide his time between hustling one game or another, and enjoying whatever happens to be Lost Vegas’ most recent attractions. He has a particular taste for things that go boom, but couldn’t maintain his current lifestyle without knowing how to handle himself in a brawl. Given his upbringing, Lucky is very accepting of civilized DeeBees (and mostly nieve about any others). Despite his occasional “untruthful” tendencies at the tables, Lucky has a very strong sense of right and wrong, always willing to help those in need. Before becoming a “MOMMA’S BOY”, Lucky was fairly balanced. He always lived fast, constantly looking for some new excitement, but never without carefully weighing the odds. Since recieving his M.O.M. implants Lucky has been turned up to 11. Slipping more and more into mania, the odds seem to always be stacked in his favor….


From Rifts With Love darklordyawgmoth