From Rifts With Love

Welcome to hell boys

Here we are ladies, this cursed planet has seen more death and destruction in the last 300 years then you could imagine in your worst dreams. And guess what, its your job to survive it. Hell I’ll be impressed if you can stay alive for more then a year. But if it helps ya out I’ll let you into a secret. Planning, that’s it. Use your brains, that mushy grey matter in between your ears. (yes hudson, what ever you got left with those cans in there). Doesn’t matter whats in front of you as long as your ready for it. Don’t get me wrong you can’t plan for everything, but there is nothing wrong with a little paranoid preemptive planning. All right enough coddling. Get your asses to the line and prepare to fire.

Sergent Timothy B. Atkins, Training logs A-J235

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