From Rifts With Love

With friends like these

Radio static is heard, the crackle of the system warming up and the voice fading in and out until its clear as day.Wyatt!
“Kato. . . Kato you there. Anyone. . Look I’m sure you all are busy gearing up or some adventurer stuff. "

radio crackles and static blocks some of the signal
“i know hoss they can handle it but a head up is still neighborly.”

Wyatt loud and clear
“Ok hears the deal, and don’t ask cause i don’t know much more then this. It would seem that you pissed someone off rather well during one of your trips. One of my friends form Thorn just sent word that this big nasty M&M came busting into town and drug a few folks off. One of em made it back and said all he kep askin about was were he could find you guys.”

to someone in the room with him
“yeah i know your kind are a bunch of tough s.o.b.’s but they got this.”
“look guys i’m sure you got this, but you understand i can’t get involved”

“Wyatt out” The radio goes silent.

C is for Chameleon

A drunken patron sits at the bar. Talking to everyone and no one all at once.

“let me tell you about bad. You see all those wanted posters; 5 million, 2 million, Wanted dead or alive, Those guys aren’t bad. Those guys are just plain stupid for gettin caught. You know whats scary, I’ll tell you, The professionals who don’t get caught and don’t get branded. The ones so good they got you jumpin at your own shadows. And the only thing you got to be afraid of is their name. Just hearin it makes you look over your shoulder.”

(his head slowly droops to the bar before snapping back up)

" you know why i know, course you don’t. Cause i have looked into the eyes of the devil himself. I was there when he came for him. I just met this guy, and we had a grand old time of drinking the place empty. When we head out to find another , more stocked bar, that’s when it happened. I was thrown to the ground only to watch as the blade sprouted from my new drinking buddies gullet. And when i look up from the life less eyes of this guy, there they were. The truly dead eyes of a killer. He smirked and put his finger to his lips to shush me. then just strolled of. The bastard was fuckin whistling and strolling."

(downs the rest of the tall glass, and visibly shivers)

“i still got them nightmares, Just can’t shake those eyes. The booze is the only thing kept me goin…..”

(said as his head finally reaches the bar and the deep sleep of drunkin darkness takes him.)

Welcome to hell boys

Here we are ladies, this cursed planet has seen more death and destruction in the last 300 years then you could imagine in your worst dreams. And guess what, its your job to survive it. Hell I’ll be impressed if you can stay alive for more then a year. But if it helps ya out I’ll let you into a secret. Planning, that’s it. Use your brains, that mushy grey matter in between your ears. (yes hudson, what ever you got left with those cans in there). Doesn’t matter whats in front of you as long as your ready for it. Don’t get me wrong you can’t plan for everything, but there is nothing wrong with a little paranoid preemptive planning. All right enough coddling. Get your asses to the line and prepare to fire.

Sergent Timothy B. Atkins, Training logs A-J235

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